+886 Bistro @ Jalan Besar

+886 Bistro @ Jalan Besar

Located along a corner of Jalan Besar, +886 Bistro (八八六) is a Taiwanese café which opened last year, serving popular Taiwanese street food, snacks and beverages like bubble tea. Incidentally, the numbers +866 is the country code for Taiwan if you make international calls.

To start off our meal, we ordered the Crispy Enoki(炸金針菇). All sides in their menu have an option of topping such as OG Salt & Pepper(椒鹽, Plum (梅子), “+65 Slightly Spicy” (微微微辣), Truffle (松露) or Mala (麻辣). The mushroom served was really crispy and generous plum powder on top added a new dimension to the flavours.

+886 Bistro Crispy Enoki

Crispy Chicken (香脆雞排) - A staple Taiwanese street food found in almost every touristy night market. We opted for salt and pepper flavour. The meat was juicy and less oily than the versions you get in Taiwan.

+886 Bistro Crispy Chicken

The Mee Sua they served was not the unhealthier oyster or pig intestine version, so instead, we ordered the Truffle Scallion Udon (松露乌龙麵) for one of our mains. The dish was flavourful, sauce well seasoned with a good splash of truffle that is not over powering.

+886 Bistro Truffle Scallion Udon

The other main we ordered was the staple Taiwanese dish Ah Bao Braised Pork Rice (阿寶魯肉飯). I was puzzled at first when I saw the dish as I remembered some social media posts showing the rice was completely covered by the braised pork. After checking +886 Bistro’s official account, I realised in Dec 2021 it was mentioned that this is the new revamped version of the dish. I felt the dish was delicious, reminding me of how it tastes like in Taiwan, without being overpowering or salty.

Considering the price of their braised pork rice is similar to other local Taiwanese cafes (nearest one along North Bridge Road) but with lesser braised pork, this would be the only dish I would find difficult to recommend.

+886 Bistro Ah Bao Braised Pork Rice

Overall, I feel that the dishes we had were mostly on point. If you are around Jalan Besar and need to have your Taiwanese food cravings fixed, definitely give +886 Bistro a try.

+886 Bistro [Map]
407 Jalan Besar
Singapore 209012
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Opening Hours
Tue - Sun: 11:30pm - 9:30pm
Mon: Closed