Salted & Hung @ Purvis Street

Salted & Hung @ Purvis Street

Nestled along Purvis Street, Salted & Hung specialises in Australian cuisine with sustainability in mind. The menu revolves around the creative use of forgotten parts, from skin to bones, protein to innards. This cooking philosophy of Minimal Wastage is conveyed in chef Drew Nocente’s creations that celebrate diversity of flavours and showcase the beauty of the forgotten.

To start off the night, the amuse-bouche 1 Bite, which consisted deep fried beetroot leaf duest with beet root and yuzu sauce, kangaroo sausage roll, ebi and head cheese.

Salted & Hung 1 Bite Beetroot Leaf

Salted & Hung 1 Bite Kangaroo Sausage Roll

Salted & Hung 1 Bite Ebi

Salted & Hung 1 Bite Head Cheese

Next up Salted & Hung’s IPA infused sourdough served with whipped lard and wakame butter. Sourdough trimmings are brewed for 2 weeks using a similar process to beer-marking and glazed with vegetable butter. The butter and lard elevated the bread making it wickedly addictive. Seconds please!

Salted & Hung IPA

Bafun Uni was served next. The uni was fresh, creamy, rich and buttery goodness exploding in the mouth. The restaurant used the same buttermilk from the making of the butter for the IPA to make the uni buttermilk emulsion.

Salted & Hung Bafun Uni

The following dish is chef Drew’s Charcutterie - a selection of house cured meats. We had Seaweed salami and wagyu loin.

Salted & Hung Drew’s Charcuterie

One of the staff then came to our table to present the turbot and explain how they would fully utilize the various parts of the fish in their cooking. The Aged Turbot was packed with loads of unami bursting with each bite. Garum and turbot bushi are used the season the vegetables and the sauce is made from turbot liver cooked with vin jaune. The accompanying dashi tea broth was also made from the bones of the turbot which were hung and dried for 2 weeks.

Salted & Hung Aged Turbot In Tray

Salted & Hung Aged Turbot

The other main dish for the night is Dry Aged, Grass Fed Vintage Beef. The excess beef fat is used to confit the carrots, while pear and shitake reduction are made from beef and vegetable trimmings. The meat is yummy and bursting with flavours. We also opt-ed to upgrade one of the mains to A4 Kagoshima Wagyu which was beautifully marbled and melts in the mouth.

Salted & Hung Vintage Beef In Pot

Salted & Hung Vintage Beef

Salted & Hung Kagoshima Wagyu

For palate cleanser, we were served Sunchoke - dark chocolate and kamquat.

Salted & Hung Sunchoke

The main dessert El Toro Orchard was personally served by chef Drew, which pays tribute to his growing up years on the family farm in Stanthorpe, Queensland. Chef Drew spent his childhood working the farm and picking apples, and attributes his cooking style and philosophy from his time on the farm. The apple tartin is well balanced with sweet and sour notes complementing each other.

Salted & Hung El Toro Orchard

To end of the night Candy Cart - fairy bread, milo, golden yaytime bon-bon, anzac biscuit.

Salted & Hung Candy Cart

Salted & Hung Candy Cart Biscuit

Overall I enjoyed the dishes at Salted & Hung, which are earnest and robust in flavours. If you have a Citi Prestige card and snag the Haute Dining deal, it is a must try.

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