Champion Bolo Bun @ Tanjong Pagar Road

Champion Bolo Bun @ Tanjong Pagar Road

It has been 3 years since I last travelled to Hong Kong and I have always been a fan of bolo buns (菠萝包) with Kam Wah Cafe & Bakery listed in my HKG itineraries. Recently, when I heard of Champion Bolo Bun, a new modern concept 茶餐厅 (aka cafe) which opened along Tanjong Pagar, that exclusively sells bolo buns, I had to head down to sink my teeth into them while they are fresh out of the oven.

Housed in a 3 storey tall shophouse, the cafe’s décor is clean, modern and minimalist with lots of white space used. Level one is mainly the counter for taking orders and seats around the waiting area, while the upper levels are the seating area and toilet. A chillax ambience perfect for a lazy afternoon tea.

Champion Bolo Bun Entrance

We ordered the Classic with Butter, the Currey Potato and the Mini Of 4, along with the Hong Kong style milk tea. Each bolo bun comes in an individual takeaway box, and according to the staff are freshly made upon order, best consumed fresh within 20 minutes!<

The texture of the buns are soft and fluffy, the cookie curst on top crunchy and not overly sweet, each bite was extremely satisfying. The Classic with Butter is savoury with the slab of melted butter and the combo of bread and butter are always a win, elevating the experience with the sweet and salty tones.

If you enjoy old school curry puff flavours, you would love the Curry Potato which has a generous amount of curry and potato fillings inside. The fillings is not too spicy and in fact combined well with the sweetness of the bun.

The Mini Of 4 is the mini-me of the Classic bolo bun, they are bite-sized and convenient for sharing among friends.

Champion Bolo Buns

While I acknowledge that the buns are relatively pricey, size-wise the buns are quite big, so I personally feel that it is definitely worth it. With the current global travel situation, Champion Bolo Bun is the best bet for those craving for Hong Kong style bolo bun and I am elated now that I can now get my fix for these fluffy buns any time!

Champion Bolo Bun [Map]
92 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088513
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Opening Hours
Tue - Sun: 11:30am - 1600pm (Refer to their social media channels for updated time)
Closed on Mon